Consultation for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Professionals
I’m available in person in Anchorage or by phone or Skype for time-limited or ongoing work in the areas of depth and relational psychotherapy, intergenerational trauma, trauma and addiction recovery, and integration of somatic and mindfulness-based approaches in psychotherapy.

Consultation for Acupuncturists and Other Healthcare Practitioners
Some of the concerns for which alternative, integrative, and holistic practitioners have sought consultation from me in the past include: complex interpersonal dynamics in primary care; limit setting and boundaries; psychological and shen considerations in Chinese medicine; trauma and intergenerational dynamics; and, scope of practice and referral questions.

Consultation and Training for Organizations
I offer training in a wide range of areas, including alternative and integrative approaches to mental health, intergenerational/historical trauma, and treatment of complex substance use/misuse and addiction recovery.  I’m available for consultation with regard to specific situations or general clinical considerations as well as organizational systems issues and clinical program development.

Consultation Groups and Workshops
I periodically offer classes, workshops, and consultation groups for healthcare professionals. Please sign up for my email list for further information, and follow me on Facebook for announcements and updates.