Recommended Reading

Whether in working with me or for general exploration, I highly recommend the various works of the following thinkers, feelers, and knowers:

CG Jung / Rather than Jung’s ‘Collected Works,’ which can be somewhat dense, I suggest exploring the ‘Encountering Jung’ series put out by Princeton University as well as his autobiography ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections.’

Eduardo Duran / ‘Healing the Soul Wound,’ ‘Buddha in Redface,’ and others.

Paul Tillich / ‘The Courage to Be.’

Marshall Rosenberg / ‘Nonviolent Communication.’

Shunryu Suzuki / ‘Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.’

Chogyam Trungpa / ‘Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.’

Pema Chodron / ‘When Things Fall Apart,’ and others

Tara Brach / ‘Radical Acceptance.’

Ezra Bayda / ‘Beyond Happiness,’ and others.

Elie Wiesel / ‘Night,’ ‘Souls on Fire,’ and others.

Thomas Merton / ‘The Seven Storey Mountain,’ and others