Psychological / Emotional Concerns

Trauma: personal, family, and cultural history of abuse, violence, neglect, severe loss, and other traumatic experiences, including intergenerational or historical trauma.

Substance abuse and misuse: all stages of addiction and alcoholism recovery, codependency and related family concerns, adult children of alcoholics/addicts, and other issues related to alcohol and other drug misuse

Depression and anxiety: chronic feelings of worry, sadness, fear and dread, hopelessness, loss of meaning or motivation, sleep or appetite disturbance, and many other emotional, interpersonal, and physical concerns

Difficulties in relationships and interpersonal problems, including conflict, lack of fulfillment, isolation, difficulty in sustaining connection, and issues with intimacy

Concerns or questions related to cultural, sexual, and spiritual identity, and/or experience of marginalization and oppression.

I appreciate working with those grappling with questions of meaning and purpose–in identity, in relationships, in vocation, and in body–as well as with spiritual and contemplative practitioners and seekers.

And many others