Making a Referral

For healthcare professionals
I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, whether general inquiries about my practice or specifics related to a particular referral.

I’ve worked for many years in a variety of multidisciplinary settings, and it is my goal to work collaboratively with colleagues; when appropriate I’m happy to participate in ‘team’ and multi-modal treatment approaches.

I often provide adjunctive services for people who are already working with other acupuncturists, mental health professionals, and other clinicians, and in these instances make every effort to maintain clear roles and to keep open lines of communication.

Please contact me at your convenience for inquiries of any kind.

For those interested in referring a friend or family member
Please feel free to contact me with questions or for details of any kind; I understand that it’s important to feel comfortable when referring someone close to you, and I would be happy to speak with you about what I do and to let you know whether or not I might be of help to your loved one.

However, it’s important that the person with whom I’ll be working make an initial investment of energy and effort in order to engage in their own healing process; therefore, once I’ve answered any questions you might have, I’ll ask that you have them contact me directly in order to provide any information they might need, to help them decide whether working with me might be a good match for them, and, if appropriate, to schedule an appointment.