Therapy for Mind and Body
As a psychologist and acupuncturist based in Anchorage, Alaska, I offer acupuncture and integrative health psychology, psychotherapy and counseling, Chinese herbal medicine, and qigong for both physical and mental health concerns such as chronic pain, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and alcoholism recovery, and a wide range of medical conditions.

With years of training and practice in both professions, I am able to provide an array of methods and approaches in working with each person based on their unique circumstances and needs. For some the focus is more psychological; for others, the focus is more physical; in my experience, illness often entails both physical and psychological components, and for many, an integrative approach is the path to mind-body healing.

I offer

Acupuncture and other classical modalities of Chinese medicine such as herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, qigong, and others.

Integrative health psychology with a focus on mind-body medicine for chronic pain, other chronic physical and mental health conditions, and addiction and trauma recovery, all of which typically involve complex interactions of psyche and body.  This unique approach incorporates a variety of methods and techniques from the fields of clinical health psychology, psychotherapy and counseling, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition and diet, and mindfulness-based, somatic, and energy therapies.

Psychotherapy & counseling, incorporating Jungian, existential, contemplative, somatic, relational, and transpersonal psychotherapies, mindfulness-based counseling approaches, and influences from a variety of traditional cultures and spiritual traditions.

Meditation, medical qigong, and other mindfulness-based practices and methods from the contemplative, intuitive, and energetic traditions within psychology and Chinese medicine; these can be incorporated in psychotherapy / counseling or acupuncture / integrative health psychology sessions.

The above methods can be undertaken separately or in a variety of combinations, depending on your needs and inclinations. Whether on their own or in an integrative approach, they each have the capacity to help relieve many forms of suffering in mind, body, and spirit, as well as the capacity to help us to live in deepening connection with our hearts—which is the truest form of medicine.

I would be happy to answer your questions, to explore your specific concerns, and to discuss ways in which my approach(es) might be helpful for you; to schedule an appointment, or for further information, please feel free to call.