Initial Visit

Psychotherapy or acupuncture appointments are approximately an hour in length.  (Optimally, initial appointments for acupuncture run about 90 minutes, but may sometimes run 60 minutes depending on my availability.)

If you ordinarily brush or scrape your tongue, please do not do so prior to your first (or any) acupuncture visit–the quality of tongue coating is an important part of diagnosis in Chinese medicine.

It is optimal to be neither too full nor too empty for acupuncture treatment; if you’ve not eaten recently, it may be helpful to have a snack of some kind before your session.

Please do not use alcohol, cannabis, or other non-prescribed mood-altering substances for a minimum of 12 hours prior to your appointment.

Dreams can be an important guide for your healing process, and the dreams you have around the time you begin your sessions can be particularly helpful. Therefore, if you wish, please note any dreams you have in the days immediately preceding your first visit, and especially any dreams you have on the morning of your appointment.

You are welcome to park in any spaces marked with a ‘Spring Wind’ placard, if available.  However, please note that other spaces in the parking area are not available for our use; parking in non-Spring Wind spaces may result in towing.  Metered street parking is generally available in the immediate vicinity, in the event no spaces are available in our lot.

Please download and complete the appropriate intake forms on the forms page, and bring them to your initial visit along with insurance cards for any coverage you would like us to bill for you.  If you have any questions, or any difficulty with the forms, please let us know–we would be happy to email them to you, or to have them available for you if you prefer to come in early to fill them out before your appointment.